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Kool Wip

In 2009 I constructed this extravaganza using ONLY my friend Tim's banjo to generate sound, including all the percussion and "bass" heard here. Effects were used later. This one uses a closed-C tuning, but I allowed an occasional retuning to reach certain low notes.

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Here's another instrumental (from December 2012) with only my Deering Goodtime banjo to generate all of the sounds you hear; no other instrument used! Reverb, octave shift and EQ are allowed, but no other sound source. As well, there's no deviation from the standard "sawmill" g-modal tuning. Enjoy, I hope.

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This instrumental was written and recorded in December of 1980, on my trusty old TEAC 3340 4-track reel-to-reel.

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This very short Renaissance piece (written maybe by one M. Brular--but maybe not) was one of the first things I did on what was then (1979) my brand-new TEAC 3340 4-track. 3 guitars and a bass.

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